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Are you ready to install CENTURION’s most innovative gate motor yet? Register for training NOW!

From the industry leader comes a new frontier in gate automation, designed to make your life easier with the easiest, most seamless installation, setup and integration with complementary solutions.

The all-new D5 SMART is the ultimate speed machine – the fastest in its class at nearly twice the speed of its predecessor – giving your clients the best security for their gates. This intelligent operator also comes with a built-in vibration sensor to detect tampering, as well as reliable to 24V battery backup.


The ultimate SMART installation experience:

Winner of the 2020 SEIFSA Award for Most Innovative Company, the D5 SMART prioritises the user experience thanks to advances such as:

Easy access to mounting hardware
Instant access to advanced diagnostics and system health
Quick wireless setup using an intuitive and interactive smartphone app
Optimised cable routing
Dedicated accessory tray



Tuesday, and Wednesday from 09h0011h00


Thursdays from 08h3010h00 (1,5hrs)
COST: R150.00

Registrations for D5 SMART training is now open. You can sign up below or by sending an email to the training department.




In order to register for D5 SMART training, you are required to first attend and pass the Basics of Gate Automation and D5-Evo training courses.


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In terms of the POPI Act 2013, we want to make you aware that, by filling in this form, you are providing us with your information, which will be used to connect you to our training department. Your data will only be used for this purpose and, once it has been passed on to a training specialist, it will be immediately removed from our database

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