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Planning your next big commercial project? CENTURION’s range of powerful access control solutions offer exceptional security at every touchpoint and, with their tough construction and outstanding reliability, are able to meet the demands of even the most challenging of sites. Our solutions are built strong to withstand the harshest conditions, combining cutting-edge technology with the finest quality electrical and mechanical components to deliver unsurpassed security, convenience, and peace of mind.

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The automatic choice for heavy sliding gates

Sliding gate motors

CENTURION’s range of industrial gate motors has been designed to work hard and run for many years. With exceptional push forces and the endurance of a professional athlete, CENTURION’s industrial sliders have the ability to perform in even the harshest of environments.

These operators are also very easy to set up thanks to an intelligent LCD interface, and come standard with a host of high-security features including beam automatic closing, time-barring of inputs and Intruder-detection Alarms for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Essential pedestrian access control for high-security environments


High-security turnstiles designed for mid- to high-traffic volume areas. These formidable access control systems are ideal for controlling movement in medium- to high-security environments and boast superior engineering and intelligent construction to deliver a robust access management solution.

At the heart of CENTURION’s range of highly robust and reliable turnstiles is our commitment to making your life easier, with ease of installation and maintenance informing the design of our products.

Our turnstiles are no different, and certain models are not only maintenance-free, but also corrosion-resistant. In addition, the mechanism features a patented rotary solenoid locking/unlocking cam system.

Comprehensive vehicular access control

Traffic barriers and accessories

Our high-volume industrial traffic barriers offer a formidable means of controlling vehicular access, and we have gone to great lengths to ensure that Centurion Systems’ traffic barriers can handle the heaviest of traffic volumes while simultaneously offering superior security and a myriad of features. We have also developed a range of ancillary items, such as our tyre killers, that can be used to up the security ante even further when used alongside our traffic barriers.

CENTURION’s traffic barriers are designed to handle very heavy traffic, and can happily perform up to 3000 operations on a daily basis, even during power failures. A robust DC gearbox coupled with a tough-as-nails housing and intelligent and feature-rich controller make CENTURION barriers the automatic choice for access control points with lots of cars going in and out.

Need dependable access control for that particularly wide entrance or exit? When standard boom pole lengths just won’t do, the FAAC B680H traffic barrier has you covered. Customisable for roadways up to 8m and capable of delivering two million cycles of continuous use, this powerful barrier offers a reliable solution for even the most demanding of traffic control applications.  

Tyre killers

Designed to provide a compelling reason for would-be criminals to reconsider their approach; our tyre killers serve as an effective deterrent to vehicle theft and tailgating in high-volume traffic control applications, and are intended to incapacitate vehicles attempting to circumvent the primary traffic barrier system.

The perfect high-security companion piece to traffic barriers, our highly robust tyre killers are the automatic choice for sites such as car dealerships and office parks. CENTURION tyre killers are constructed to take a beating but never miss a beat of their own, and are available in four different configurations. These can be generally divided into two types of categories: Flush Mount models for installations that are flush with the roadway surface, and Surface Mount models for installations that are mounted above the roadway surface.

The Flush Mount models are ideal for installations that require seamless traffic control for smooth-flowing traffic, whereas the Surface Mount models are mounted above the general surface of the roadway and create a traffic calming bump, slowing traffic for a safer access control point. Both the Flush Mount and Surface Mount models are available in either Direct Drive which utilises the SECTOR barrier’s drive mechanism, or Independent Drive models which have their own drive mechanism and controllers.

Exceptional security for high-risk sites


The FAAC bollard range includes solutions for vehicle traffic control in residential, commercial, industrial and urban areas and boasts FAAC’s celebrated hydraulic technology as well as high-quality components ensuring exceptional performance and greatly simplified installation and maintenance.

Bollards may be seen as offering the highest level of security and are suitable for restricting access to high-risk areas such as banks, embassies and government buildings, with crash-rated models available for use in anti-terrorism applications.


Automatic Swing & Sliding Doors

Door automation solutions

Seamlessly blending stunning aesthetics, whisper-quiet operation and innovative technology, our door automation solutions create a superior user experience at every consumer touchpoint.

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